“The corporate logo singularity” (The Baffler, 2019)
Have you ever noticed that at some point a few years ago, logos for big corporations all started to look sort of the same? I regret to inform you that this, like everything else, is somehow a product of neoliberalism!
“Sans serif, sans progressive policies” (The Outline, 2019)
How the 2020 Democratic candidates used graphic design as an empty signifier to brand themselves toward the left without actually having progressive policy platforms.
“Don’t worry, these gangly-armed cartoons are here to protect you from big tech” (AIGA Eye on Design, 2019)
What's the deal with that one style of illustration that seems to appear on every start up and big tech app? Again: it's neoliberalism! I'm so sorry.
"The lazy liberalism of Instagram slideshows" (The New Republic, 2020)
How Instagram came to be inundated by social justice "explainer" slideshows in the aftermath of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.

“Here’s the typography of the next decade” (The Outline, 2019)
Serifs are back, baby!​​​​​​​

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